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Our workshops are designed to help and encourage everyone to be creative and learn a new skill in a fun & exciting environment. They enable children to be independent, creative and expressive. The aim of the workshops, is not simply for students to gain an understanding of the theme or plot but also to explore modern issues in relation to the themes.

These workshops are designed for 5 - 11 year-olds and typically last for 90 minutes, although they can be adjusted to fit your requirements. The workshops are led by two actors and together with props, parts of costumes, masks, musical instruments and sound system, provide tools for the students to use to create the environment of the given piece. Each workshop comes with follow-up study notes and fact sheets.

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Under The Brave Black Flag

Under the brave black flag is a workshop programme run by AMA Theatre Co. and is designed for students to study the history of pirates of 18th century. The workshops look at why some people became pirates and what their life was really like. The workshops enable students to understand the truth about piracy rather than the romantic versions often presented in films and books. The workshops encourage students to ask questions and discuss the topics covered.

The students also get involved by acting in short scenes led by the actors. They are encouraged imagine themselves in the situations that pirates lived through and how they might react to the similar situations

Kings and Queens

In this workshop, the students explore the history of the monarchy from William the Conqueror through to Queen Elizabeth II.

We examine how Richard III lost the battle of Bosworth Field and how that led to the Tudors taking the throne, paving the way for one of the most famous kings of England, Henry VIII and his six wives!

The workshop also discovers how and why we lost our monarchy with James I and how it was restored. Come with us on a roller coaster ride through history and discover all about our famous Kings and Queens!

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Midsummer Nights Dream Workshop.PNG

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Helping students to understand and to introduce them to our greatest playwright, William Shakespeare. The students examine the twisting plot line from Theseus and Hippolyta through to the lovers, the fairies and rude mechanicals.

The students find out about the characters and enact short improvise scenes. Finally, everyone tells the story, led by Mr William Shakespeare himself.

The Victorians

Travel back in time to the mid 1800’s and discover what life in England was like all those years ago. You will find out how hard life was for many people, especially children who had to go out to work! The work the children did was often very tiring and dangerous. They had to climb up inside chimneys to clean them, or they had to crawl along dark, dirty and dangerous underground tunnels collecting coal.

Looking at true life accounts from letters and role-playing exercises, students will discover what life was really like for the Victorians.

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Filmmaking Workshop.PNG

Film Making

Ever wanted to be a star in your own film? Or have you ever wished you could direct your own film? Well, now you can!

In the film making workshop you will assist in the devising of a story to tell, and everyone will have a part to play. But you will also find out what goes on behind the camera. You will discover how to work the camera, to record the sound and how to edit all the bits of film together.

Everyone will then get a copy of the film they have helped to make.

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