Theatre isn’t just about putting on a costume and reciting some words! Theatre creators have many skills needed to stage a successful performance.

A.M.A. Theatre Co. devise and run many workshop programme sessions, for all ages based on the skills used in the theatre industry. Many of these skills can help and educate everyone in the community, not just young people. They can help you overcome stress, they can help you build self-confidence. They can teach you new skills which in turn can give you more opportunities. Whether you would like to learn a new skill for fun or would like to experience ways to improve your life, we have workshop programmes covering many themes for lots of varying interests and personal goals.

All of our workshops encourage creativity, which in turn, helps with self-expression, self-esteem, builds confidence and self-expression.

Some workshops cover multiple sessions, whilst others are designed for single sessions. If you are interested in one of our workshops for your group, team or community, please get in touch for further information and a no obligations quote, either via email:  or call us on 01462481969.

film making

Film Making - Multiple Sessions

Our film making course runs over 5 x 2 hour sessions and culminates in making a short 5 minute film for which everyone keeps a copy.

This session helps participants to work as a team and encourages contributions from everyone. This helps motivate self-expression and a sense of wellbeing by feeling important in the process. The workshop stimulates imagination and creativity. It creates a sense of responsibility in the individual which in turn helps with self-esteem and expression in everyday life.

you can download here a full infopack with details of each session: 


Acting - Single Session

Using the skills of the actor, this one off session uses creates a fun environment where the participants engage in improvised scenes exploring everyday situations and breaking down the barriers that may cause obstacles. The session helps you to build confidence in public speaking and controlling feelings of anxiety when delivering your point of view. With relaxation exercises and physical warm ups we unlock the constraints we may feel in expressing ourselves confidently when engaged in situations such as going for an interview or presenting you ideas at work.


Costume Design - Single Session

Costume designers, design and make the costumes for a stage production and in this session, our costume designer will work with you to make simple fashionable items. This may be anything from a simple handbag or purse to a stylish top! This workshop encourages you to create from your own imagination by choosing from a variety of fabrics and coming up with the idea of the design for your product. The costume designer will guide you through step by step from marking the pieces, to cutting and how to sew everything together with the sewing machine. Every participant gets to keep the finished item.


Writing - Single Session

Every play needs a script, and someone has to write that script! But this workshop is not just about writing scripts, it explores ways that you may express yourself more clearly through the written word. This can help those struggling to write job applications, or communications to organisations. The workshop is run by our artistic director, Ian, who has years of experience writing scripts and published novels. The session shows you how to plan out what you want to say and teaches you how to construct your written piece.

Sword Fighting - Team Building

Single Session
Working in a team and understanding the motivation, is one of the keys to success in getting on in life. In our fun sword fighting workshop, you will learn the basics of fencing but as you face your opponent, you have to anticipate their next move and make lightning fast decisions because your life depends on it!