We are excited to announce our pantomime for Christmas 2023/24 is the most popular pantomime of all time, Aladdin!


The story of the poor young boy who has to work ever so hard in the laundry with his mother, Widow Twankey, but things go from bad to worse when he accidently looks upon the face of the princess. Under pain of death decreed by the emperor, Aladdin runs away with the strange and malevolent magician, Abanazar. After being shut in a dark and damp cave by Abanazar, Aladdin, cold and scared in the darkness, rubs an old lamp he found on the floor and miraculously a genie appears!


A full scale touring theatre production with multiple scenery, curtains, stage lighting and sound system. We literally turn your venue into a theatre for the performance.

Aladdin Brochure 2023.pdf

Check out our Aladdin Brochure for 2023 / 2024 Season. Before booking, please check up availability for your chosen date. Click on the icon on the left, to open up the brochure in google docs. The tour will be running from 27th November to 14th January. If you have any other queries, then please do get in touch with us either via telephone (01462481969) or via email (enquiries@amatheatre.biz

To request a brochure, either email us at enquiries@amatheatre.biz, or simply give us a call on 01462 481969 for a no obligation quote. 

Dick Whittington 

Available for Summer 2023 

Dick decides to go to London to make his fortune, but the streets are not paved with gold as he thought. Skint and with nowhere to go, Dick is ready to go home. But then he meets a beautiful girl called Alice. Alice tells him he can have a job at her father’s house, working in the kitchen.

Dame Sarah the cook runs the kitchen, but she is having trouble with a naughty blackbird who ruins her cake, and she is plagued by a mischievous mouse that keeps running up the clock which has trouble keeping time!! She decides to get a cat and it is not long before the cat and Dick become close friends.

One night when everyone is asleep King Rat the pirate, steals money from the kitchen's money box. Dick is blamed, but in order to clear his name, he sets off with his friend the cat, to track down the pirate King Rat and get the money back.

Their adventures take them on board a pirate ship, where King Rat is the captain. With many daredevil adventures, treasure maps and sword fights, Dick finally overcomes King Rat the pirate, and gets the money back.

When Dick returns with all the money and the pirate King Rat defeated, everyone agrees that Dick is an honest man and they make him Lord Mayor of London!