"In times when evil casts his stain, all good pirates shall rise again!"

Anne Bonny, John Rackham, Mary Read and Angus McTavish are resurrected after 300 years into the modern world during a violent storm. They have no memories of their past and why they are on a deserted ship. The burning question is why?

Through a series of strange and mysterious events, they are forced to relive their violent past lives. But in doing so, they also evoke the cruelty, abuse and circumstances beyond their control that led them to become pirates in the first place. This in turn ignites their long-forgotten humanity and gradually they begin to feel empathy for others and a new meaning to their lives. They ultimately turn from murderous cutthroats to heroes and champions for justice making the romanticism of pirates often portrayed today, truly justified.

The Play, Resurrection highlights their own personal struggles, and how they put aside their differences and unite for a common cause. Through their collective efforts, they are able to overcome the obstacles in their path and bring about positive change.

Resurrection from The Buccaneers Legend resonates with audiences on many levels, bringing hope to people who stand together to fight injustice and oppression. The theme of Resurrection in The Buccaneers Legend symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, the power of unity, and the possibility of redemption.

Their ultimate purpose is to seek out the most valuable treasure of all! – Life!

An intriguing fantasy play with popular Irish and Celtic folk music based on the first novel in The Buccaneers Legend trilogy.

Jack is outnumbered 

Anne, Read, Jack & McTavish

Sword Fighting Scene

Battle of Culloden Scene

The Production

The play is aimed at general audiences, but not young children and covers several topical issues. In the novel it describes the rise of populism due to economic downturns, wars, and pandemics and as people turn on each other nature fights back and revives four of the unlikeliest heroes in an attempt to instil more empathy and understanding of others' needs into the world.

Being a fantasy play based on historical fact there are sections in the story where the characters face their past lives, in the play these stories are told through well know folk songs.

The show is fast paced with many twists and turns and takes the audience on a roller coaster adventure to seek the most valuable treasure of all - life!

The play has undergone several previews with its first public performance as an online streaming production during the pandemic lockdown. The live previews were staged at Baldock Arts Centre - Hertfordshire, Beccles Halls -Suffolk, Saltburn Arts  - North Yorkshire, and Questors Playhouse in London.   The previews helped to gauge the plays popularity and experimented with theatricalities of producing a fantasy novel for the stage. The full UK tour will commence in May 2024 at the Brixham Theatre during the International Pirate Festival.

“A calm Anne Bonny and her three henchmen tell us their stories; they weave a deeply enjoyable show. The Buccaneers is a rollicking tale of the pirate life: a delightful musical with comedy set on the high seas.”

Louise Penn –

“I liked it! You worked so hard! Love the traditional songs and the fun characters! Bravo and lots of fun!! “
David Bradshaw –
Cruise Director Royal Caribbean International

“The show had energy, colour, and spectacle with an array of familiar and rousing musical numbers. We commend you for your enthusiasm and commitment to staging such a complex production. We should certainly like to have news of other things you might have in the pipeline.”
Liz Ellis – Baldock Arts Centre

"You are to be congratulated for your versatile and imaginative approach to attracting an audience and that’s in the very best tradition of popular entertainment down the ages. I do hope the show goes well." (Rt Hon Sir Oliver Heald QC MP)

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AMA Theatre Co. undertake extensive and initiative marketing strategies to raise awareness of the production in local areas and to create a personalised feel to the local community. You can read some examples of our marketing strategies by requesting a copy through  

To build awareness and interaction with local communities, we run a programme of workshops and immersive lectures on the history of piracy for all ages. We run workshops at the theatre or in local schools and community venues.

Our schools educational pirate workshop, Under the Brave Black Flag,  can be obtained on request via email or by calling us on 01462481969.


Who are The Buccaneers?

There are four pirates who make up the Buccaneers. Anne Bonny - played by Annie Albici, Jack Calico - played by Ian Britten-Hull, Mark Read - Played by Pippa Lea and Angus (Jock) McTavish - played by Moneer Elmasseek.


The Buccaneers are no ordinary pirates and although they have a rough exterior, they all have hearts of gold. All four of them came together from tragic backgrounds and in their own way formed a family dependant on each other.

Anne Bonny from The Buccaneers

Anne Bonny

Based on the real Anne Bonny who was one of the few female pirates. Anne left her abusive husband and ran away with Jack Calico. In our story, Anne joins a troop of gypsies who help her escape her troubled domestic situation. With a new carefree life, she meets new friend all with troubled backgrounds and they naturally all bond together. Anne is the strength and brains of the group and although she can be forthright and harsh at times, she cares deeply for others especially if they have suffered situations that were not their fault. She is a fighter for justice and will take onboard anyone needing a friend. She is the real captain of the ship and allows Jack to think he’s the captain although she is the one that holds them all together. Anne loves a good party and can drink and dance with the best of them. Anne really does know how to grab life by the scruff of the neck and make the most of living. 

Jack Calico

Jack is also based on a real pirate called John Rackham whose nickname was "Calico Jack" due to his flamboyant nature. Our Jack is also the flamboyant member of our crew. He thinks of himself as “the captain” but no one else does. That’s fine because it tickles his own ego and that’s really all that matters to Jack. He fell in love with Anne when they met in Nassau whilst under the King’s pardon, but after joining with Anne, he soon slipped back into his old ways of piracy, thirsty for adventure. Live for the present is Jack’s motto and all too often he acts on impulse getting not only himself into trouble, but everyone else as well. Jack never misses a trick; he is cunning and astute but doesn’t show it. He cares for his friends and like Anne will always fight injustice. 

Jack Calico from The Buccaneers
Mark Read from The Buccaneers

Mark Read

Mark was rescued from an abusive merchant navy sea captain on a raid and was the last member of the crew to join the happy band. Mark is kind and gentle and gives the group it’s human soul. He is also the one to advise caution when things might be getting a little out of hand, which happens quite often. He puts up with McTavish’s constant teasing because he knows McTavish only means it as a form of endearment. Mark is troubled by waking nightmares of a child and a prison cell, but what could they mean? Has it anything to do with the personal secret he tries to hide from everyone? 

Angus McTavish 

Angus McTavish or “Jock” as the crew call him is strong and forceful. He is the honourable warrior of the gang. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly and can easily fly off the handle. That said, his bark is far worse than his bite. He is the intellect of the group and is the planner. Jock is always there at his friends’ side when fighting for justice and fair play. McTavish’s claim to fame is he was the one who killed Edward Teach otherwise known as “Blackbeard.”

After Jack and Anne were captured, Jock escaped and returned to his native Scotland to join the Jacobite rebellion. He died a hero fighting for his country on the famous battlefield of Culloden. 

Angus McTavish from The Buccaneers

On Tour from 2023 / 2024

Coming to a venue near you!... 

Staging is designed to be flexible for varying stage sizes. The Minimum space required is 5M wide by 4M deep and 3M high. The set expands to a maximum of 8m wide by 6m deep and 5M high. We use two mini mist machines and toy caps in the flintlock pistols.

We also have an outreach programme that is a unique experience for the educational programme that can accompany the production, for students to explore the history of pirates under the famous people in history, as subject. Contact us to discuss this. 

Resurrection - The Stage Play

Meet The Cast

Annie Albici

Annie Albici (Anne Bonny)

Annie was born in Romania to a theatrical family. Her stage appearances include many of the big theatres in the UK, including the London Palladium. She has toured extensively accross the UK with pantomimes, plays, cabaret and workshops. Her TV roles include Bad Girls, The Generation Game and Blue Peter. 

Ian Britten-Hull

Ian Britten-Hull (Jack Calico)

Ian trained at Middlesex University and graduated in 1984. His first role was in the film Revolution with Al Pacino. Ian's stage roles include Macbeth for the English Shakespeare Company, Lord Henry in the European tour of The Picture of Dorian Gray and Bottom in a Midsummer Night's Dream. His TV credits include ITV's Kingdom, Emmerdale, Brookside & Room at the Bottom.  

Pippa Lea

Pippa Lea (Mark / Mary Read)

Pippa is an accomplished actress, singer and dancer. She studied Musical Theatre at the American Musical Theatre Academy in London 2011 and originated the role of Lexi in the play, the Feeling at the Other Place. Christmas 2022 has brought her much praise for the portrayal of the Wicked Witch of the West in Monsteers Artistry production of Wizard of Oz in West End. 

Moneer Elmasseek

Moneer Elmasseek (Angus "Jock" McTavish)

Moneer is no stranger to playing a pirate as he featured as Thomas Barrow in the Netflix series, The Lost Pirate Kingdom. Other roles includeKyle Jesmond in Silent Witness for the BBC, Shelock Holmes and Frankenstein's Monster. Moneer is also an accomplished writer, having written scripts for various theatre companies. He is currently producing his first film Fallout The Road to Tipperary.

TThe Cabaret Show Cabaret The he

The Buccaneers Cabaret.pdf

A Fantastic Musical Cabaret Show

If you are looking for a high energy varied show, then The Buccaneers will thrill your audiences and make any event a night to remember. An exciting and thrilling cabaret show with dance, songs, treasure to be won, sword fights, and comedy so there is something for everyone!

The show is pure fun entertainment suitable for a variety of events including clubs, pubs, hotels and holiday parks.

To download the Brochure with prices and further information, click on the picture link above.