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Our brand new Theatre for Children department, produces educational plays such as Oceania, where you can learn all about the effects pollution has on the sea, and how it affects us all. We have some exciting workshops coming in 2021, where you can join in with the actors and explore topics such as History, Maths, Music and English. But for now, why not have some fun with our very own Dromeo & Tilly in their brand new Online TV Series. There are 2 episodes coming out each week on Tuesdays and Fridays throughout January. Each episode will be available from 10am on the scheduled date.


The Adventures of Dromeo & Tilly

Online TV Series from 12th January 2021

The Adventures of Dromeo and Tilly is a fun and exiting online TV Series for children. Dromeo and Tilly have an amazing magical door that takes them on all sorts of adventures. Did you know, Dromeo and Tilly are available for all kinds of live events such as festivals, library shows, school events and parties. Whilst we are still in lockdown they are available live online from our theatre, broadcasting directly to you via Zoom.

Ep1 The Beanstalk .PNG

Ep1 - The Beanstalk

From 12th January 2021

Ep2 Tilly & The Magic Cave.PNG

Ep2 - Tilly & The Magic Cave

From 15th January 2021

Ep3 - At the Circus

From 19th January 2021

Ep3 At The Circus.PNG

Ep4 - The Amazing Flying Balloon

From 22nd January 2021

Ep4 The Amazing Flying Balloon.PNG
Ep5 Cecil & The Time Machine.PNG

Ep5 - Cecil & The Time Machine

From 26th January 2021

Ep6 Treasure Island.PNG

Ep6 - Treasure Island

From 29th January 2021



Danni loves to go fishing on the beach and she spends all day there with her picnic. But when she’s finished eating she throws her rubbish into the sea. Suddenly out of the depths emerges a grumpy turtle covered in rubbish! He is not too pleased! He tells Danni she needs to learn a lesson. Danni is then taken aback by a talking dolphin who pops out of the waves. The dolphin takes her on a very strange adventure beneath the waves where he discovers the horrible “Pollution” monster as he terrifies all the creatures in the world of the sea. Through this strange adventure Danni finds out just exactly what harm is caused by simply leaving your rubbish on the beach and discovers ways we can help to stop the harm we are all causing.



Our workshops are designed to help and encourage everyone to be creative and learn a new skill in a fun & exciting environment. They enable children to be independent, creative and expressive. The aim of the workshops, is not simply for students to gain an understanding of the theme or plot but also to explore modern issues in relation to the themes.

These workshops are designed for 5 - 11 year-olds and typically last for 90 minutes, although they can be adjusted to fit your requirements. The workshops are led by two actors and together with props, parts of costumes, masks, musical instruments and sound system, provide tools for the students to use to create the environment of the given piece. Each workshop comes with follow-up study notes and fact sheets.