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Theatre for Children 

Our Theatre for Children section is packed with educational plays and workshops where you can learn all about the current popular topics. Our packages are unique, as they are devised to be interactive, educational and fun. You can join in with the actors and explore topics from the curriculum, such as Oceans and Seas, Commemorating History, Famous People, Comparing People and Places. 

We produce and perform professional shows through our diversity of skills for all types of events and genres; i.e. for corporate as well as the private sector. Each production is designed to give the audience a clear diversity of genres such as: music, magic, comedy, dancing, puppeteering, educational and of course, to entertain. With the audience in mind our productions are aimed at families as well as children between the ages of 3 to 11year olds and cover the private and corporate sectors.

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Our workshops are designed to help and encourage everyone to be creative and learn a new skill in a fun & exciting environment. They enable children to be independent, creative and expressive. The aim of the workshops, is not simply for students to gain an understanding of the theme or plot but also to explore modern issues in relation to the themes.

These workshops are designed for 5 - 11 year-olds and typically last for 90 minutes, although they can be adjusted to fit your requirements. The workshops are led by two actors and together with props, parts of costumes, masks, musical instruments and sound system, provide tools for the students to use to create the environment of the given piece. Each workshop comes with follow-up study notes and fact sheets.



With Dromeo and Tilly on hand, we engage the children with play-acting party dances and party games, our special children’s party disco with popular music children love, dance with the unicorns and win the challenge of the rainbow, or simply get to learn how to juggle and plate spin as well as get made up just like a clown..!!.

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For further enquiries on all our shows, workshops or activities, please email us.

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