Want to know what's happening at A.M.A. Theatre Co.? Our seasons are packed with entertaining touring pantomime, events, workshops and performances. We have a wide range of theatre production styles to accommodate a variety of artistic tastes. Take a peek at our schedule to see all that we have in our upcoming repertoire. 

The Buccaneers crossing swords

The Buccaneers

2023 - 2024

A strange and engaging tale of four 18th century individuals, who, because of abuse and misfortune came together as pirates. Their lives were cut short too soon, but what would they have become if they had lived longer and had better opportunities? The Buccaneers is a play with twists and turns as the pirates do get a second chance at life. As soon as they are reborn they return to their old ways but as they are tested and strive to discover the purpose, they ultimately learn to accept others, develop empathy and change from murderous cutthroats into champions for the oppressed. 

Dick Whittington

20th May 2023 - 2nd September 2023

Dick Whittington is a poor boy whose mother and father have both died. He lives in a poor parish and has nothing to eat and no work, so stays alive by eating whatever scraps he can find or beg for. He has heard exciting stories about a glorious city called London, whose streets, the stories say, are paved with gold. So one day, when a wagon comes through the village on its way to London, Dick befriends the wagoner and travels with him to London.  

Dick Whittington with Alice and Dame Sarah the Cook

Who is The Doctor?

January 2024 - March 2024

A biographical play of a young actor who started his career playing The 4th Doctor, as made famous by Tom Baker for BBC Worldwide and relates the real life adventures of the Iconic Time Lord. How a maintenance man was attacked by an automatic Dalek - How a giant spider was dropped from a moving vehicle in the fast lane of the M6 - A fascinating insight to everyday life of a stand in Doctor with real life stories more fantastic that the fictitious TV scripts! 

The Murders in the Rue Morgue

September - November 2023

Everyone loves a murder mystery and The Murders in the Rue Morgue is the original whodunnit.

It is widely believed the story was a major influence in the character of Sherlock Holmes. A horrific murder of a mother and daughter has taken place in a locked room in the upper story of a house in the Rue Morgue. The police are baffled but the analytical private detective, M. C. Auguste Dupin is the only one who can untangle this strange affair with startling and intriguing results.

Down Old Memory Lane

Available throughout Summer 2023

"They don't make them like that anymore!" - A comment made by many people of a certain age as they harken back to the golden days of British TV. Seeped in nostalgia, Down Old Memory Lane brings many well known entertainers back from the past with brand new comic routines and familiar songs. Frankie Howerd's famous character, "Lurcio" reveals the trouble Covid caused in Pompeii and Steptoe & Son struggle with lockdown before breaking into song with we're a couple of swells. 

Cecil & The Time Machine

April - September 2023

Cecil the blackbird invents a time machine and takes his friends, Dromeo and Tilly on an amazing adventure through time. This exciting educational show takes everyone to the time of the dinosaurs and on through time to meet various historical figures like Henry VIII and Guy Fawkes. Lots of special effects and an exciting adventure make this a show not to be missed. 

Cecil and the Time Machine

The Kings Cake

Currently Touring to Festivals 2023 - 2024

A wonderful immersive show for children that are taken on a delightful, magical adventure. Dromeo goes on an adventure to find the biggest, sweetest, tastiest cake in the kingdom for the king. His adventures take him to a magic forest where he meets elves and the wizard, on to a pirate ship and to the African Jungle. Will he find the elusive cake? Can the children help him? 

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