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The Buccaneers

Preview Performance ahead of UK Touring - Sat 23rd October 2021 at Baldock Arts and Heritage Centre

During a violent storm one night at sea, a ghostly pirate ship emerges out of the mist. Onboard are the remains of four long dead pirates, but due to some unseen force and copious amounts of rum, the ghostly pirates are about to come to life and live again. Like us, the pirates are coming out of lockdown, only they are coming out of Davy Jones’ Locker where they have been trapped for 300 years. The four hapless pirates are excited by their new lease of life and are ready to embark on a wild, fun filled escapade. But before they can move on and start enjoying themselves, they must re-live their past and discover who they really are. Only then, can they move on and start to live life to full once again, as fighters for injustice and standing for the disadvantaged.

There are four pirates who make up the Buccaneers. Anne Bonny, Jack Calico, Harry (Cutthroat) Bates and Angus (Jock) McTavish. The Buccaneers are no ordinary pirates as although they have a rough exterior, they all have hearts of gold. All four of them came together from tragic backgrounds and in their own way formed a family dependant on each other.

A show with uplifting songs, amazing swords fights, this musical comedy show is a must-see for family audiences (not suitable for children under 7 years).


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A.M.A. Theatre Co. was set up to produce a wide variety of theatre plays, shows and workshops for all members of the community. Our aim is to promote and introduce theatre to new audiences of all ages and to engage with members of the community on all levels by striving to produce work that is varied in style and genre. We actively work to make our shows and plays accessible, yet affordable, with striking visual sets and stage effects. We tour to any kind of venue including theatres, art centres, community venues, hotels, holiday centres etc. With productions for the general public as well as providing private theatre performances for schools, organisations and community groups. To these venues we bring in full staging and literally turn an empty space into a theatre.

We always endeavour to adapt according to the demands of our audiences and at this current time with Covid-19 causing all manner of disruption for everyone, we have worked hard to establish a fully interactive theatre experience online. Using state of the art broadcasting equipment and our own theatre, we are able to stream live shows and plays using the Zoom platform with the best quality available. AMA Theatre Live Online- The new going out whilst staying in!

Although much of our work is currently online we do have some touring shows including pantomime available for private and public venues. We have worked hard to ensure these shows follow current guidelines  and are suitable and affordable for smaller audience numbers due to social distancing.

Our motto is: “Come and join the fun, there is something for everyone!”

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