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A.M.A. Theatre Co.

"Arts Made For All"
(come and join the fun, there's something for everyone!)
Bringing Communities Together

A.M.A. Theatre Co.  is the home of ethical & substantial productions for everyone - it is a touring theatre productions company, producing quality shows and plays that tours to the whole community.

A.M.A. Theatre Co. was set up to produce a wide variety of theatre plays, touring pantomimes, shows and workshops for all members of the community, whether you are in the private or public sector. 

Our aim is to promote and introduce theatre to new and old audiences of all ages and to engage with members of the community on all levels; by striving to produce work that is varied in style and genre. We actively work to make our shows and plays accessible, yet affordable, with striking visual sets and stage effects. We tour to any kind of venue including theatres, art centres, community venues, hotels, holiday centres etc. With productions for the general public as well as providing private theatre performances for schools, organisations and community groups. To these venues we bring in full staging and literally turn an empty space into a theatre.

We always endeavour to adapt according to the demands of our audiences and our productions have always been met with extremely possitive feedback resulting in many repeat bookings.

Our motto is: “Come and join the fun, there is something for everyone!”

Social Media & Blog

Let's Engage

We love to keep up with the social media trends and we're more than happy to engage whether it's through our Facebook, Instagram, on Twitter, LinkedIn, Tiktok, etc. We even have started our own blog, so if you wish to keep in touch, feel free to subscribe below to get updated on our news, events or general chit-chat.

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