Touring Pantomimes

Our touring pantomime for 2022/2023 is Dick Whittington. The show is full of topical jokes and silliness appealing to children and family audiences. The show contains magic and puppets together with comedy songs and routines. Suitable for theatres, schools, clubs, festivals, etc. Simply email us at or give us a call 01462481969 for a no obligation quote.

Dick Whittington

28th Nov 2022 - 8th Jan 2023

Dick Whittington is a poor boy whose mother and father have both died. He lives in a poor parish and has nothing to eat and no work, so stays alive by eating whatever scraps he can find or beg for. He has heard exciting stories about a glorious city called London, whose streets, the stories say, are paved with gold. So one day, when a wagon comes through the village on its way to London, Dick befriends the wagoner and travels with him to London.

When he arrives in London, however, Dick Whittington is very disappointed to discover that the streets are not paved with gold, but with dirt. There is no work, and no food. Tired and starving, he sits outside the home of a wealthy merchant named Mr Fitzwarren, but the cook tries to shoo him away. Luckily, Fitzwarren returns home for dinner and sees the boy and takes pity on him when Dick explains how he has tried to find work but hasn’t eaten for three days. Fitzwarren takes Dick into his home, feeds him, and gives him employment as the cook’s assistant. A fun packed toring pantomime, not to be missed. 

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