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Touring Pantomime

Touring Pantomime, AMA Theatre Co. pantomime that tours to schools, community centres and theatres. The pantomime that comes to you. This year we present Dick Whittington. 

The show is full of topical jokes and silliness appealing to children and family audiences. The show contains magic and puppets together with comedy songs and routines. Suitable for theatres, schools, clubs, festivals, etc. Simply email us at enquiries@amatheatre.biz or give us a call 01462481969 for a no obligation quote.


Dick Whittington

28th Nov 2022 - 8th Jan 2023

Dick decides to go to London to make his fortune, but the streets are not paved with gold as he thought. Skint and with nowhere to go, Dick is ready to go home. But then he meets a beautiful girl called Alice. Alice tells him he can have a job at her father’s house, working in the kitchen.

Dame Sarah the cook runs the kitchen, but she is having trouble with a naughty blackbird who ruins her cake, and she is plagued by a mischievous mouse that keeps running up the clock which has trouble keeping time!! She decides to get a cat and it is not long before the cat and Dick become close friends.

One night when everyone is asleep King Rat the pirate, steals money from the kitchen's money box. Dick is blamed, but in order to clear his name, he sets off with his friend the cat, to track down the pirate King Rat and get the money back.

Their adventures take them on board a pirate ship, where King Rat is the captain. With many daredevil adventures, treasure maps and sword fights, Dick finally overcomes King Rat the pirate, and gets the money back.

When Dick returns with all the money and the pirate King Rat defeated, everyone agrees that Dick is an honest man and they make him Lord Mayor of London!

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