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Under the Brave Black Flag

Under the Brave Black Flag is a unique experience for your event or educational programme, especially if they are studying pirates at school as part of the famous people in history subject. Everyone is fascinated by pirates and their seemingly heroic ways. This has been romanticised by films such as The Pirates of the Caribbean and books like Treasure Island. But what was the life of a pirate really like? Why did they become pirates? Discover the answers to these questions and more by coming with us Under the Brave Black Flag.

Our pirate immersive experience takes children on an adventure to the days of piracy with Anne Bonny and Jack Calico direct from the new smash hit musical The Buccaneers. Anne Bonny and Jack Calico were real pirates and so are in the perfect position to relate what a pirate’s life was really like.

The action begins with a fantastic show where the audience meet the pirates for the first time. There is an exciting sword fight with REAL swords, there is treasure to be found and there are some great pirate songs. This mini show lasting about 20 mins really celebrates the romance of piracy and is followed by an intriguing treasure hunt where children have to solve the clues and report back to the captain. Why not have something different and unique for your event or history lesson at school, which is exciting, memorable and educational too! Suitable for both girls and boys aged 7 to 11.

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