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The Buccaneers at Questors Theatre - Ealing

Things are not always what they seem. Take pirates for example, the name conjures up either a violent criminal gang of outlaw sailors or a band of comical two-dimensional children’s characters. In reality, many people fell into piracy to escape abusive lives or as a means to just survive the harsh realities of the time. Lawlessness was rife, not just amongst criminal types but right through society. From the poor who stole just to eat to corrupt government officials ready to line their own pockets at any cost.

What if some pirates from long ago were basically good people at heart? What would their lives have been like if society had been different? Moreover, what sort of people would they be if they lived today? The answers are revealed in the strange tale of the Buccaneers.

One stormy night, a ghostly pirate ship appears out of the mist. On board are the remains of four long dead pirates. With the haunting melody of a long-forgotten sea shanty, the ghouls crack and split apart, and the pirates are reborn. Their mission to seek the most valuable treasure of all,…. LIFE!

This lively and energetic production features four pirates who tell each other’s stories through dramatic scenes, songs and by becoming all the different characters of their former lives using masks and dance routines. With an intricate dramatic plot, the audience are taken on a strange dark adventure as the pirates come to terms with their new lives as they strive to discover “the purpose.” The play explores the true-life experiences of the pirates and, how as people, they suffered abuse and tragic circumstances that, ultimately lead them to piracy. Inspired by the real pirates, Anne Bonny, John Rackham & Mary Read.

To avoid disappointment, get your tickets on time - you can just follow the link below

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