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The Bucaneers Story

The Buccaneers might, on the surface appear to be a simple pirate show, but the reality is quiet the opposite. When we began devising the production during lockdown, we were conscious of several issues being discussed on social media such as the need for more strong women roles, more representation from transgender performers, divisions in society and the need to attract new audiences to the theatre. By making The Buccaneers a comedy musical play we believe we have included many issues facing society today and presented them in a subtle, yet clear way. Anne Bonny is clearly the unofficial captain of the group and is portrayed as a very strong woman who leads the men cleverly and with compassion. Anne is no doubt the shows lead performer.

It comes as a shock when one of the pirates who the audience have grown to love with fondness because of his kindness, reveals himself to be a woman who identifies herself as a man. This is based on the true-life pirate Mary Read, who did indeed spend most of her time posing as a man. The fact that the show features four pirates, known for being rogues and outcasts, come together to help each other in troubled times and because of their past life experience, vow to use their skills and character traits to go forth and fight injustice and stand for the disadvantaged.

Although there are many comedic scenes and songs, the show also has its darker moments where we see bullying and victimisation along with tragic historic events such as the battle of Culloden. These scenes are portrayed with elements of mime, dance, and mask work where the aim is to introduce audiences that are new to seeing plays in a theatre, the magic and wonderment that such theatrical disciplines can create. The Buccaneers might be a fun filled saga of 4 hapless pirates, but in reality, it is an adventure with elements and issues that we can identify with in today’s society. Our aim is for the audience members not only to enjoy themselves, but to go away with thought provoking ideas and a desire to come back to the theatre to see another play soon.

Letchworth's very own AMA Theatre Co. are delighted to announce their Preview Performance of The Buccaneers which will be touring throughout the UK in 2022, at Baldock Arts and Heritage Centre on Saturday 23rd October.

"We are really excited to bring our brand new show to our local community prior to the tour next year, especially since Covid 19 shut everything down and our show really celebrates the fact that now it's time to live again!"

Prior to the performance on 23rd October, Anne Bonny and Jack Calico will be in Baldock Town Centre on the previous Saturday, the 16th October to meet people and answer any questions about the show.

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