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Rehearsals & Filming

A Covid Night's Dream Rehearsals have begun, and while the weather is still warm, we aim to keep them outdoors, keeping costs down and of course keeping ourselves healthy.

First rehearsal was great only as it was outside, I've been bitten by grass gnats on my legs and now I look as if I've got measles, otherwise weather was lovely and sunny and enjoyed getting back into the swing of it.

After 2 days of filming, weather was great and really warm for the time of the year, we're now planning the next shots and locations. I' finding it much harder when there's just the two of us, as we tend to focus more on technical and sometimes forget about the acting. It doesn't help when certain locations are near residential areas and you can hear drilling in the background. On the other hand, it's so sweet when you hear the birds singing and spot the odd black squirrel (native to Letchworth area) looking at you from the treetop - better I guess than a pigeon dropping on you ... haha.

Whilst we're planning for the next filming, there are still costumes that need altering / making new ones, and general sewing.

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