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Now the curtain has fallen on Comedy of Terrors for the time being, we are working hard on new projects and ideas. Our aim is to constructively work on getting theatre moving again as quickly as possible, especially in the smaller venues. It is currently a confusing a worrying time for the theatre industry, not knowing when and how live performance can return. Whilst there is uncertainty, everything is on hold including rehearsals and the planning of the live entertainment projects.

We at AMA Theatre Co. have formulated a strategy and planned how we can play a part in revitalising performance art as quickly as possible once new guidelines are set. This is why we have produced a repertoire of shows, all self-contained and ready to go. As a couple we are exempt from social distancing guidelines, so we are able to perform the various two-hander shows we have produced. And, as our shows are already produced and self-contained there are no production costs and therefore, we are able to work with venues on staging such shows immediately the guidelines are set out.

It is more than certain that ultimately social distancing will be necessary, especially for audience members. We believe this is possible but not without reducing the seating capacity in a given venue. For example, if a theatre holds 100 seats, you can only allow into the venue a quarter of the capacity. The question then is, how can such arrangements be financially viable, especially when considering production costs? The answer is simple, as a small theatre company being self-contained, we are able to perform a show several times in a given day, thus maximising the audience capacity. By implementing some or all of our ideas, venues as well as ourselves will be able to generate some profitable income, albeit reduced. Overall, some profitable income is better than no income. #theatre #smallvenues #amatheatre #productions #newprojects #covid-19 #liveperformance

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