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Following the production of "A Covid Night's Dream" outdoor performance, we have now decided to create an online filmed version. After spending a week, searching for locations of where to film various scenes, we think we found three ideal spots. It’s been much fun, looking for the locations, and as we employed the aid of our faithful assistant “Sootie” to sniff out the best places, the search was much easier, and everyone was happy. So, we took the opportunity to have some fun with the search.

In the meantime, work has begun on costumes, props, script re-writing, and of course story boarding the shots. There’s a hive of activity going on at the moment, with adding the new touches to the costumes and making the props, which I find rather comforting as I find myself engrossed into a diverse world. If you’re asking, why is it taking so long to start filming, or why so long in working on the production, the answer is simply because there are only two of us. Yes, you’ve read correctly, just the two of us doing all these preparations and research, plus all other stuff. And of course, we have set up a schedule on each task, but as usual other things creep up to distract us - so, of course we derail from the set schedule. Our aim is to be finished with all the filming in the next couple of weeks, and the production up and running online by mid-October. So, fingers crossed!

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