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Whilst for many a visit to the theatre isn't an option this year, why not let us bring the live theatre direct to you!

At A.M.A. Theatre Co. we have worked hard to bring you a brand new experience of live interactive theatre without social distancing...! There is nothing like the unique interaction between an audience and the actors on stage, whether its audiences shouting out as in pantomime or the actor responding to laughter in a comedy or the tense atmosphere created in a drama. None of this exists in TV programmes or films or in streamed events. The only place to really experience the atmosphere of a live show is at a live event.... Until now..! AMA Theatre Online brings a full 2-way interaction show direct to your living room. With state of the art broadcasting equipment it's as if the actors were live right in front of you. The audience can see and hear the performers AND the performers can see and hear you, the audience!

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