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Meet The Buccaneers

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

It’s time to live again! For over a year everyone has been in lockdown and unable to do all the things we normally do. The Buccaneers have been #locked_down in Davy Jones' Locker for over 200 years, but now they live again. Just like us, they want to live life to the full, once more....!

Who are the Buccaneers?

There are four pirates who make up the Buccaneers. Anne Bonny, Jack Calico, Harry (cutthroat) Bates and Angus (Jock) McTavish. The Buccaneers are no ordinary pirates as although they have a rough exterior, they all have hearts of gold. All four of them came together from tragic backgrounds and in their own way, formed a family dependant on each other.

Anne Bonny Based on the real Anne Bonny who was one of the few female pirates. Anne left her abusive husband and ran away with Jack Calico. In our story, Anne joins a troop of gypsies who help her escape her troubled domestic situation. With a new carefree life, she meets new friends, all with troubled backgrounds and they naturally all bond together.

Anne is the strength and brains of the group and although she can be forthright and harsh at times, she cares deeply for others especially if they have suffered situations that were not their fault. She is a fighter for justice and will take onboard anyone needing a friend. She is the real captain of the ship and allows Jack to think he’s the captain although she is the one that holds them all together.

Anne loves a good party and can drink and dance with the best of them. Anne really does know how to grab life by the scruff of the neck and make the most of living.

Jack Calico

Jack is also based on a real pirate called John Rackham whose nickname was "Calico Jack" due to his flamboyant nature. Our Jack is also the flamboyant member of our crew. He thinks of himself as “the captain” but no one else does. That’s fine because it tickles his own ego and that’s really all that matters to Jack. He fell in love with Anne when she saved him from deportation for a crime he did not commit. In fact, it was Anne who committed the crime and Jack got blamed for it. But he doesn’t see things with any depth. Live for the present is Jack’s motto. It is unfair to say Jack is thick, he just doesn’t think for himself very often and acts on impulse most of the time. It’s just as well Anne is there, to reign him in every so often. Jack never misses a trick; he is cunning and astute but doesn’t show it. He cares for his friends and like Anne will always fight injustice.

Harry Bates

Harry was rescued from an abusive merchant navy sea captain on a raid and was the last member of the crew to join the happy band. Harry is kind and gentle and gives the group it’s human soul. He is also the one to advise caution when things might be getting a little out of hand, which happens quite often. He puts up with McTavish’s constant teasing because he knows McTavish only means it as a form of endearment. Harry has a very guarded secret which creates such a shock when it finally comes out. It may explain why McTavish is fond of Bates, but it is nothing to do with his nickname of “Cutthroat.” That is because of something else entirely.

Angus McTavish

Angus McTavish or “Jock” as the crew call him was injured at the battle of Culloden and rescued by Anne. She led him to safety where she nursed him back to health. Ever grateful for her kindness, Jock would do anything for Anne and of all the crew he is the one that understands her the most. He knows the soul that lives beneath her gruff exterior. Jock is strong and forceful. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly and can easily fly off the handle. That said, bark is far worse than his bite. He is the intellect of the group and is the schemer. He probably would not be a great friend of Jack in normal situations, but he respects him for being Anne’s husband. Jock is always there at his friends’ side when fighting for justice and fair play. So, what a great way to celebrate the lifting of lockdown by joining #TheBuccaneers as we all “Live Again”!

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