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Getting the best out of Live Online Theatre

Remember, our live online shows are not pre-recorded videos or live streams, they are actual live stage shows that you can interact with, just like in a live theatre. Although you can watch the shows as you would a TV programme or live stream, why don’t you follow our simple steps to really get the most out of this new and unique way of enjoying live entertainment. The fun of live online is not just watching the show, but being part of it as you would in a theatre and seeing some of the other audience members on the screen too.

Watch and join in with the show.

See some other audience members on the screen enjoying the show with you.

How do I get the best connection?

As our live shows are only available via the internet over Zoom, you will require an internet connection. If possible, use an ethernet cable connection rather than Wi-Fi for a better reception.

What screen should I watch the live shows on?

You can watch the shows on any device that has an internet connection, i.e. phone, tablet, laptop or TV. The bigger the screen the better, though especially if there are many of you watching. Generally a laptop is ideal for small groups such as families as this has everything built in i.e. webcam, mic and screen. But if you want to watch on a smart TV or any modern TV you can do several things. You can use a laptop and simply connect your TV to the laptop via an HDMI lead. Place your laptop under the TV with the laptop webcam facing you so the actors can see you on their screen in front of the stage. You may also like to connect a sound bar or external speaker to your laptop or TV to get better sound. If you want to use your smart TV only, you will need to be able to access the internet and to fit a webcam to it.

Connect your laptop to your TV via HDMI cable.

Do I need a Zoom account?

You should not need to have a Zoom account, but you may need to download the Zoom app. This is free and you can use it to make video calls to your family and friends at any time.

How do I access the show?

Once you have bought a ticket and remember, only one ticket is required for each household or group, you will be sent a link via email which you simply click on just before the start of the show (we recommend 5 minutes before the start time). Once you click on the link, you will be taken to the waiting room awaiting to be admitted. When you are admitted you will see the stage curtains, the title of the show and you will hear background music. You will also see and hear other audience members as small pictures at the edge of your screen.

The Etiquette

Just like in a theatre, you will be among others to watch the show, so it is a good idea to think you are in a theatre rather than your living room. Everything you say and do will be seen and heard by everyone else as well as the actors. If you do not want people to see your house, you can simply choose a virtual background. To do this, click on the video icon at the bottom of the Zoom page. Click on virtual background from the drop-down list. You can use the default images, or you can insert a picture of your own. This is fun if you insert a picture of the royal box, so you look like you are sitting in a posh theatre seat.

Try not to behave as if you are watching the telly and get up and go and make a cup of tea in the middle of a scene, as everyone will see you! If you are watching a comedy or pantomime, the actors may well pick up on the things you are doing!

If you are worried about this and you don’t want others to see or hear you, you can simply mute your video and mic from the two icons at the bottom of the Zoom page. Also, no one is permitted to record you or the show and no one’s personal details are accessible by any of the other audience members, so you are safe, and your personal details are secure. Please note, at no time is any of the audience put on the main screen. Your screen will constantly show the stage throughout, although there will be variations in camera shots in some shows.

Want to change your living room background?

Simply choose a virtual background in Zoom.

What if someone is being disruptive?

Our new live online theatre is designed to create a fun and novel way of joining in with live entertainment online and we expect everyone to enter into the spirit of the event. However, the show is constantly monitored and in the unlikely event someone decides to be disruptive and spoil the enjoyment for others, they will be removed from the event and no refund will be given.

What if my connection is bad for some reason and I cannot enjoy the show?

We have ensured everything is as it should be at our end with professional equipment etc, but we know that it is possible for people to experience a bad connection. For this reason, we will be videoing the show from a different source to the one streaming the show live and the recording of the show will be available to watch on our website the following day. You will be sent a link for this page once you have purchased a ticket. You may also like to experience the fun of the live interactive show but then watch the show itself again without the live interaction. What if I have any questions or technical problems?

We are here to help. If you have any queries or need help in setting up for the live online theatre, simply get in touch via email or telephone and we try and help you. Unfortunately, we won't not be able to help you one hour before and during the show, so please check everything in advance and get in touch beforehand, so we can help you get everything sorted for the event.

You can contact us by email enquiries@amatheatre.biz or call us on 01462 481 969

We guarantee you'll enjoy the experience!

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