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Dick Whittington Touring Pantomime

AMA Theatre Co. proudly present this year's magical touring pantomime, for all ages, which will be touring to schools, theatres, community centres. The show is full of topical jokes and silliness appealing to children and family audiences. The show contains magic and puppets together with comedy songs and routines.

AMA Theatre Co. are unlike most other touring pantomime companies as we bring the full theatre experience along with the show. We have staging and curtains, three separate sets with London, Dame Sarah's Kitchen and Pirate King Rat’s pirate ship. We have a full portable stage lighting system and sound system with head mics. Our prices are incredibly competitive too and worth it! All actors are DBS checked and we have full limited liability insurance. All electrical equipment is PAT tested and all scenery is fire proofed.


The ideal space required is 5M wide by 4M deep, but we can adapt if your space is smaller. We just ask that you let us know the size of your space beforehand so we can adjust the

staging before we arrive. As we literally turn your venue into a theatre, we will need up

to 2 hours to set up and about 1 hour to take everything down.


We have two versions of the show available:

1Hr Show – Suitable for schools etc. This comes with all the staging, lighting and sound and is priced at £550.00 all inclusive - two performances in the same day at the same venue is priced at £935.00 all inclusive.

2Hr Show – 2 x 50 mins acts with interval. Suitable for theatres, community venues etc. The two-hour version is priced at £850.00 all inclusive. For two performances on the same day at the same venue is priced at £1,445.00 all inclusive. We ask for a 15% deposit at the time of booking.

The show starts in front of the curtains with Bert, a cockney who tells everyone about a young poor boy called Dick. Dick enters and decides to go to London to seek his fortune. The curtains open to reveal a striking scene of London.

Dick finds it is not that easy to find his fortune and is feeling sorry for himself when he meets Alice Fitzwarren. Her father is the Alderman, and she tells Dick her father will give him a job in their kitchens helping Dame Sarah the cook.

The London scene then opens like a book to reveal the kitchen and Dame Sarah the cook. There is a lot of fun and mayhem with the Dame in the traditional panto style, but when Dick is accused of stealing money he sets off with his new friend, a cat to clear his name.

Dick and his cat trace the evil pirate king rat to his ship where much fun and adventure takes place as Dick and the cat recover the stolen money, bring the pirate king rat to justice and for his reward, Dick is made Lord Mayor of London!

The show is fast paced with the usual silliness, songs and fun but is also a very visual and exciting pantomime for all ages. So don't delay, book us today!

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