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Bringing Communities Together

As everyone is aware, times are difficult at the moment none more so than for the thousands of people who are confined indoors. There are those self isolating but there are the vulnerable and those who can't get out in normal times let alone during Covid-19. These include the elderly, children and disabled people living in community homes. Then there are social groups who cannot meet up at the moment. AMA Theatre Co. wants to address this problem especially, as we approach Christmas. Our new interactive live online theatre does just that. We bring people together to enjoy a piece of live entertainment where they can, not only interact with the performers but with each other as well. Imagine going to a theatre to see a pantomime. You go with your family and you sit with many other families in the auditorium. The show starts and the Dame speaks to everyone and engages the audience with the "Oh no it isn't " routine. The audience responds accordingly. Then there may be a child who's overly enthusiastic and shouts out something which the rest of the audience finds funny. Or there maybe a person with an unusual laugh that makes everyone else laugh as well. This is why live entertainment is unique and this is precisely what we have worked to achieve but instead of being physically in a theatre, this is hosted online.

The online experience isn't just the actors performing in front of a laptop/desktop computer or phone, but on a purpose-built stage, with professional broadcasting equipment. The actors can see the audience on a large screen in front of the stage and they can hear the audience through large speakers. The audience watch on their device and can see and hear all the other people in the audience as well. If you are worried about privacy, fine, just deactivate your video and mute your mic, but we recommend you keep them on to get the best possible experience you can.

For those unable to leave their community home, we can broadcast a live show directly to them in the communal lounge and interact with the residence. Then there are those social organisations who can't have the usual children's party this year, so we can broadcast to each child in their own home at the same time and allow them to be part of that online community for the performance. In effect your lounge becomes your own personal "Royal Box" in the theatre. You are going out to enjoy a show with others who you may or may not know, you are being entertained and you are perfectly safe, as in reality you are in your lounge. So why not come and join us. We have selected a variety of shows and plays to suit all ages and taste. A brand new experience of going out while staying in.

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