Jack & The Beanstalk

Available from 23rd Nov 2020 - 28th Feb 2021

The show is full of topical jokes and silliness appealing to children and family audiences. The show contains magic and puppets together with comedy songs and routines. Suitable for small theatres, schools, clubs, festivals, etc.


We have adapted our touring production of Jack and the Beanstalk so that it conforms to all current Covid restrictions. As audience numbers are diminished due to social distancing measures we have arranged for our fees to reflect this. We work with each venue and their respected budgets so as to produce each performance suitable for any given client or venues situation. So if you are looking for a full pantomime at your venues please don't hesitate to get in touch so we can discuss all the possibilities.

We have also implemented a policy of show reservation. Because of the current situation we reserve the show for you but you are under no obligation until after the show has been performed. This means if you have to cancel at the last minute, that's fine. We can discuss with you whether to re-schedule the performance or whether you wish to cancel completely. Technically we are entirely self sufficient all we would require is an area 4M deep by 4.5M wide. We have a full risk assessment and insurance. There is a 1 hour version of the show and a 2 hour version.


Jack & The Beanstalk Puppets

Available from 23rd Nov 2020 - 28th Feb 2021

For  pre-schools, nurseries and play groups etc we have a small puppet version of Jack and the Beanstalk. This features Cecil the cheeky blackbird playing Jack assisted by Dromeo. A mixture of live action with puppets and music makes this a great Christmas treat for younger children.

We tour with a small set and we would need performance space of 3M by 3M. The entire show is Covid safe and we have a full risk assessment and insurance. The price for this show is £150.00 inclusive. Like all our live shows at present, we treat each booking on an individual basis and work with the client to organise everything to suit the clients situation.


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