A Covid Night's Dream ...!

As life begins to get back to a sort of "normality", we thought we'll spread some fun and laughter with this funny outdoor production for all ages. Touring throughout the UK from August 2020. More details coming soon. #outdoor #theatre #amatheatre #production #comedy

Outdoor Theatre

Pleased to announce we have our first show on Friday 10th July, with our new outdoor theatre project. At the moment these are only for private audiences, but more info coming soon. #outdoor #theatre #productions #performing #amatheatre

Projects & Ideas

Now the curtain has fallen on Comedy of Terrors for the time being, we are working hard on new projects and ideas. Our aim is to constructively work on getting theatre moving again as quickly as possible, especially in the smaller venues. It is currently a confusing a worrying time for the theatre industry, not knowing when and how live performance can return. Whilst there is uncertainty, everything is on hold including rehearsals and the planning of the live entertainment pr

Who Done-It?

Everyone is aware of the situation facing the performing arts sector at the moment, so it was wonderful to have an audience from across the UK, join in with our online theatre show Comedy of Terrors, where a murder had taken place at the Old Empire Theatre and the suspects were six classical comedy performers. The audience were able to get involved and act as detectives alongside Hercules Parrot and Ms Jane Marbles, to solve the case. A Prize has been awarded for the winning

News Bulletin

Can you help solve the mystery ... ? COVID-19 Lockdown Special ... coming this June 2020 to AMA Theatre Co. #murdermystery #nostalgic #show #virtualshow #comedy #comedyofterrors #amatheatre

Comedy of Terrors

An interactive virtual "nostalgic" show with brand new material, coming soon to AMA Theatre Co. Comedy of Terrors is a Murder Mystery like no other! Six Comedy Legends are the suspects and it is up to YOU to solve the case ...! #murdermystery #comedy #virtualshow #amatheatre #nostalgic #comedyofterrors