Ian & Annie

A Bit About Us

A.M.A. Theatre Co. is built on the culmination of many years of experience and techniques gained by Anna-Maria Albici and Ian Britten-Hull from their work as performers, theatre directors and producers for various small to mid-scale touring theatre companies such as Shakespeare 4 Kidz, English Shakespeare Theatre, Parasol and TNT. Our aim is to produce popular plays and shows for varying types of audiences such as for young people, families and older people within their local community. This way we strive to make theatre more accessible and attractive to potential new audiences.


Our Aim

Our aim is to make theatre accessible to communities across the UK and to promote theatre as a fun experience, whether watching a show or taking part in workshops or getting involved backstage.

For the past two years we have built a successful small-scale touring theatre company, we literally started at the bottom writing our own material, making our own props and costumes, building our own sets and marketing our own shows. We have taken our shows to a variety of venues including schools, small theatres, festivals and community venues.

We produce touring shows with a strong slant on visual presentation with full sets and scenery and utilising theatre techniques to make all shows not only entertaining but to really create a fabulous experience.


Contact & Booking:

Our shows and plays are available for both; private and public performances and have various booking procedures applicable to the given event.

Public Performances:
Where a performance is open to the public, for example in a theatre, art centre or village hall, we undertake various options. These include straight hire arrangements, box office split with minimum guarantee, (where the hirer guarantees a small fee plus a percentage of box office takings) a set fee, (negotiated on forecast audience numbers at a given ticket price) or in some cases, a straight box office split (a fee is paid to us as a percentage of ticket sales only). We also occasionally enter into joint production ventures with venues.

Private Performances:

For a private event for social clubs, holiday parks etc we have competitive fee charging contracts where a set fee is negotiated and applied for the performance. Fees are usually negotiated based on the approximate number of audience likely to attend. However, as this option is for groups who have a set budget for entertainment we are open to discuss terms, in order to accommodate any given budget. In all cases we strive to ensure any fees charged are realistic and practical for all parties involved. We are a non-profit making organisation and as such we are not driven by the pursuit of profits other than to cover production costs, artistes’ fees and logistic expenses.

For all initial enquiries please get in touch with your details and we will provide an initial proposal.