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Tommy & Mary

This brand-new production examines the relationship with a certain amount of sympathy to both Tommy and Mary and strives to paint a picture of a bitter sweet relationship that depicts sadness, fondness and laughter all rolled in to one.


Tommy Cooper was a much-loved comedian during the 60’s and 70’s. Famous for his bungled magic tricks, his clumsiness, childlike innocence and his trade mark fez. After his tragic death live on television in the early 1980’s it transpired Tommy had been having a long-term affair with his assistant Mary Fieldhouse. Naturally, there have been many stories about the affair some good, some bad and some attempting to paint both parties as the villain.


The play is fictitious but based loosely on anecdotes and accounts found in the public domain. The play does not feature any published work nor is it endorsed by the estates of either party.

Tommy Cooper and Mary Kay in the play Tommy and Mary played by Ian Britten-Hull and Annie Albici

The play is currently in production and will be touring soon.



More information will be added soon, so please check back.

Tommy Cooper (Ian Britten-Hull) "With a headache" from the new play "Tommy and Mary" from AMA Theatre Mary Kay (Annie Albici) from the new play "Tommy and Mary" from AMA Theatre Tommy Cooper (Ian Britten-Hull) from the new play "Tommy and Mary" from AMA Theatre