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“Shakespeare is boring!”….


“But Shakespeare was our greatest storyteller!”


In fact, the trouble with Shakespeare is that it was never written to be read like an ordinary book. Shakespeare’s plays were written to be performed. Much of the text is actually structured to help the actor. Our Shakespeare workshops allow students to examine the story and plots by thinking through possible outcomes and by physically telling the story to bring it alive. This may be by creating music and sounds to create an atmosphere or by actually improvising short scenes or by playing games and by playing detective to solve the clues in the text. One thing is sure, after one of our workshops, children will not think Shakespeare is boring ever again!

“Learning and discovering by taking part and having fun.”

The Dream

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a story with 3 plot line inter-weaving with each other to create a magical and funny story. In this workshop we break the 3 plot lines into 3 separate parts, The Lovers – The Fairies and The Rude Mechanicals (silly men trying to put on a play).


With the two actors, students look at the confusing farcical events surrounding the lovers, Demetrius, Helena, Hermia and Lysander. How would you feel if your dad said you could not see one of your friends ever again? And what would you do?


We look at how similar events take place in the woods with the fairies, Oberon and Titania as well as the mischievous Puck. What would you do if you the power of magic?


Then it’s on to putting a play together with Pyramus and Thisbe and looking at ways we can make the scene funny.

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Both our current workshops are led by two experienced actors and each workshop can accommodate up to 20 children.

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A story of Witches and magic, a sort of Elizabethan version of Harry Potter.


In this workshop we find ways to make an eerie atmosphere with sounds and music and to create the world of the witches.


If there was something you rally wanted, to what lengths would you go? And could you live with the consequences? What if your best friend told you to do something terrible so you could have what you wanted, would you do it? Would you feel guilty? And if so what effect would your guilt have on you?


Are the witches prophesies real or just mad ravings? When one prophesy comes true. Perhaps all the others will too! But what do they mean? How can a forest move all by itself? By playing detective we look at the hidden clues a try to work out the future and what it all means.