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Danni loves to go fishing on the beach and she spends all day there with her picnic. But when she’s finished eating she throws her rubbish into the sea. Suddenly out of the depths emerges a grumpy turtle covered in rubbish! He is not too pleased! He tells Danni she needs to learn a lesson. Danni is then taken aback by a talking dolphin who pops out of the waves. The dolphin takes her on a very strange adventure beneath the waves where he discovers the horrible “Pollution” monster as he terrifies all the creatures in the world of the sea. Through his strange adventure Danni finds out just exactly what harm is caused by simply leaving your rubbish on the beach and discovers ways we can help to stop the harm we are all causing.

Danni & Dolphin go on an Adventure....

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Theree children are picked out from the audience by pollution to play the pollutants and together they devise a dastardly plan of destruction. It is up to Danni and everybody else to come up with ideas to thwart his deadly plans.

The play explores the dangers of pollution including how sewage, plastic and radiation affect the ecosystem by poisoning the water and clogging up the food chain with micro plastics. Danni along with the audience soon realise that pollutions strength is all down to humans and the sooner we all take more responsibility with our waste, the sooner pollution will be defeated.

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Throughout the play the audience are encouraged to contribute suggestions and ideas to help Danni to save the under-sea world. The evil pollution has ideas of his own and reveals his plans to contaminate the water with all sorts of horrible and dangerous things such as sewage, radiation and most deadly of all, plastic!

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The play is performed with scenery that transforms from the beach to the under-sea world of Oceania and the audience really feel they are being taken beneath the waves. All the sea creatures are played by puppets and with the inclusion of 3 members of the audience the entire performance encapsulates the imagination thus emphasising the importance and dangers of pollution and what we can all do to stop it and save not only the sea world of Oceania, but also our planet.

We constantly hear about how man is destroying the environment, but what does this actually mean? And what can we do about it?


There is a teachers’ pack that accompanies the show containing notes on the topics dealt with in the play as well as suggested follow up work ideas.

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