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Jack and the Beanstalk is revolutionary in touring pantomimes due to the new fantastic designed sets. The show starts outside Jack's cottage, but when he sells Nellie the cow for a handful of magic beans, a huge beanstalk grows right up into the sky.


As Jack climbs the beanstalk the rest of the stage morphs into the foreboding giant’s castle.


In the castle Jack meets a beautiful princess who, because of her beautiful singing voice, has been turned into a harp by the giant so that she makes music for him whenever he wants.


Then one of the huge doors opens and the giant enters. He stands at just under 3m tall and is completely animated. This beautifully designed costume/puppet really is the star of the show! Touring from December 2019.

2017-08-25 Cow & Jack AMA Theatre



Naturally the show is full of topical jokes and silliness appealing to children and family audiences. The show contains magic and puppets together with comedy songs and routines.

jack title Transparent Touring Pantomime of Jack & The Beanstalk from AMA Theatre. Jack & The Goose

Jack & the Beanstalk a visual  show for all the family, with interchangeable sets and scenes that change magically taking us on a journey of adventures.


The costumes are as vibrant as ever and there are several surprises in store.