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Down Old Memory Lane

Down Old Memory Lane started out as a small show touring to care homes and community venues but it soon became apparent that people of all ages were enjoying the show.


The show was turned  into a full theatre production celebrating entertainment and artists of the past.


The show is basically a variety show with retro music, comedy, magic and illusion but seen through the eyes of the two performers.

The show begins on the Embankment of the Thames in London. A young woman sits outside a street café looking dejected. A young man approaches and attempts to cheer her up by taking her down old memory lane. The music comes from well know music hall singalongs as well as from famous musicals such as Oliver, My Fair Lady and Les Misérables.  Comedy comes in the form of various characters. The Baker comes along selling his bread and has a cheerful “Chat” with the audience. He is followed by the Milkman whose name is Ernie! There are tributes to Tommy Cooper and Laurel and Hardy. The jollities are interrupted by a strange cloaked man lurking in the shadows. He invites us to a party being held by a group of ghosts and ghouls and with a “raspberry” we are transported to the Monster Mash!