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Ian Britten-Hull


Ian graduated from Middlesex Polytechnic (university) theatre studies course in 1984 where he trained not  only acting, but all forms of theatre production including lighting design, sound production, set design and construction and costume design.


Ian has been involved in bringing some great theatre projects to life and has worked as director, associate director and producer for various companies such as Shakespeare 4 Kidz, Spin Off Theatre, Rainbow Theatre, and IBH Productions, producing occasional shows and plays for community venues to theatres. In addition to theatre shows, Ian has also devised and taken many workshop programmes to communities across the UK.


As a performer, Ian has enjoyed a wide-ranging and diverse career, having played Shakespeare, including Macbeth for the English Shakespeare Company, as well as playing Postman Pat in the national touring production of the famous children’s TV programme. He has worked in musicals as well as cabaret and has featured in many programmes on TV including ITV’s Kingdom and Brookside.


About Us

A.M.A. Theatre Co. is built on the culmination of many years of experience and techniques gained by Anna-Maria Albici and Ian Britten-Hull from their work as performers, theatre directors and producers for various small to mid-scale touring theatre companies such as Shakespeare 4 Kidz, English Shakespeare Theatre, Parasol and TNT. Our aim is to produce popular plays and shows for varying types of audiences such as for young people, families and older people within their local community. This way we strive to make theatre more accessible and attractive to potential new audiences.


For the past two years we have built a successful small-scale touring theatre company, we literally started at the bottom writing our own material, making our own props and costumes, building our own sets and marketing our own shows. We have taken our shows to a variety of venues including schools, small theatres, festivals and community venues.


Before setting up A.M.A. Theatre Co. Ian and Annie produced several shows over the past fifteen years including; The Murders in the Rue Morgue, which toured to small theatres such as The Rose Theatre in the West Midlands and The Millfield Theatre in Edmonton, London.


Our aim is to make theatre accessible to communities across the UK and to promote theatre as a fun experience, whether watching a show or taking part in workshops or getting involved backstage.


We produce touring shows with a strong slant on visual presentation with full sets and scenery and utilising theatre techniques to make all shows not only entertaining but to really create a fabulous experience.


The theatre has many facets: to entertain, educate, inform and stimulate. It also offers a wide range of opportunities, especially for young people, backstage. We actively promote involvement by offering placements and jobs for anyone wishing to explore all aspects of backstage work including lighting, sound, design, prop making, marketing and audio visual.


As well as producing shows and plays, we also run a workshop programme which is aimed at encouraging involvement in creativity through theatre. We have worked with many young people who have been inspired through subjects such as film making, prop making, special effects, make-up, stage combat as well as performing.


Our motto is: “Come and join the fun, there is something for everyone!”

Anna-Maria Albici 


Annie started her career as a professional dancer and worked at some rather famous venues including The London Palladium. She spent much of her early career touring the British Isles which brought her into many local communities around the country. A young dancer working in an industry of glamour and magic, yet she saw how many of these people had no access to the benefits of theatre. This is where the seed was first planted for the creation of a theatre company that would bring theatre to such communities.


For the past five years she has produced and directed several one-off projects as well as running AMA Events, a company delivering entertainment to various groups such as holiday parks, clubs and organisations, care homes, and special needs groups.


As a performer, her TV appearances include Blue Peter and the Generation Game where the contestants had to learn one of her dance routines. She also spent time behind bars in ITV’s Bad Girls!

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