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“Arts Made for All”


A.M.A. Theatre Co. is an exciting new touring theatre productions company bringing a diversity of shows and plays across the UK for today’s audiences.


Our aim is to encourage and promote theatre by making shows and plays accessible, yet affordable, with striking visual sets and stage effects as well as producing themes that are appealing to all ages of any community.


Although we stage our shows at theatres and art centres, occasionally we tour to out of the way venues such as village halls, community centres and schools etc. To these venues we bring in full staging and literally turn an empty space into a theatre.



Jack lives with his mother on a small farm and times are hard. Even “Nellie" the cow has stopped producing milk. Dame Sally has a mad idea to turn Nellie into a “bionic cow!”


But even this is not enough to bring in more money, so they reluctantly decide to sell her Jack, though, is talked into selling the cow for a handful of magic beans. Unfortunately no one believes they are magic beans until one night the beans sprout into an enormous beanstalk stretching up into the sky.


Jack decides to climb the beanstalk which leads him to a magical kingdom ruled by “ the giant!

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Our motto is: “Come and join the fun, there is something for everyone!”